EDSEÉcole Doctorale des Sciences de l'Environnement (French: Graduate School of Environmental Sciences)
EDSEEuropean Decentralized Stock Exchange (blockchain)
EDSEÉtudes Doctorales en Sciences de l'Éducation (French: Doctoral Studies in Educational Sciences)
EDSEEarth Departure Stage Engine (spacecraft)
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All sections of EDSE 403/503 in the special education program administered the formative assessment as the final exam and this exam was proctored by one of the researchers.
The other courses of the program are EDSE 5004 Literacy for All, EDSE 5130 The Multicultural Curriculum, and EDSE 5470 Classroom Management and Instructional Strategies in Diverse Classroom Settings.
The process of preparing for the EDSE library program was useful for both librarians.