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He is a member of the editorial advice board for the educational journal EDSEC and writes on educational matters for publication in local newspapers and education journals.
Variable dictionary Variables Description Ide Identification Tret = 1 if the individual microcredit, = 0 otherwise Sex = 1 if females, = 0 if male Age in years Ms marital status: =1 if married, =0 otherwise Hhs household stile Kemp number of employees in the individual enterprise Hxw hours per week worked by the individual Hh head of household = 1, otherwise Hhsp head of household spouse = 1, = 0 otherwise Milne income from micro-firm or the main job Hhinc household income Loc Location Spro = 1 if the firm is in lhe productive sector, except retail Sserv = 1 if the firm is in the services sector, except retail Edbas = 1 if the education level is at most primary Edsec = 1 if the education level is at most secondary Edhig = 1 if the education level is higher than secondary Table 2.