EDSOEuropean Deaf Sport Organization
EDSOEngineering Design Search and Optimisation (Geodise Project; UK)
EDSOEducomp Solutions Ltd.
EDSOÉlectricité et Décoration du Sud Ouest (French: South West Electricity and Decoration)
EDSOÉcole de Danse de Société Othissoise (French dance school)
EDSOEating and Drinking Society of Oregon (est. 1982)
EDSOExtra Departmental Sub-Office (India)
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The EDSO would be responsible for giving a series of workshops in civic and multicultural education, i.
The EDSO outreach ranger will report back to the community about the visited community and what sorts of skills or technology they use, social norms and practices, and new ideas or existing commercial potentials.
The major milestone tasks in this phase include: Migrate perimeter network security services at the following EDSO locations o Placerville - Redundant enterprise-class Palo Alto Networks firewalls in an active/passive configuration Implement network security management appliance Monitor post-implementation in case failback is required Compile documentation created / collected throughout the project Deliverables: Minimum of two (2) hours of post-migration troubleshooting per location Project documentation which includes: o Executive summary o Visio diagrams (pre-project) o Visio diagrams (post-project) o Configuration data/ hig
4] Nonstandard abbreviafions: DPI, despentapeptide insulin; BSA, bovine serum albumin; and EDSO, effecfive dose [of unlabeled pepfide necessary to produce 50% displacement [of radiolabeled tracer in a competitive RIA.
Livio Gallo, CEO, Enel Distribuzione; and Chairman, EDSO for Smart Grids Association Energy
Livio Gallo, CEO of Enel Distribuzione, Chairman of EDSO for Smart Grids Association