EDSPEducation for Development Scholarship Program (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration; Philippines)
EDSPExchange Delivery Settlement Price (finance/investing)
EDSPÉcole Départementale des Sapeurs Pompiers (French: Firefighters Departmental School)
EDSPEarly Developmental Stages of Psychopathology (clinical psychology and epidemiology study)
EDSPÉcole Doctorale Sciences Pratiques (French: Science Practices Graduate School)
EDSPEspace de Développement des Services à la Personne (French: Personal Services Development Area)
EDSPEndocrine Disruptors Screening Program
EDSPEndoscopic Double-Snare Polypectomy (gastric cancer treatment)
EDSPEveryday Simple Pricing (various companies)
EDSPEducation and Social Policy (New York University; New York, NY)
EDSPElectronic Digital Signal Processing
EDSPEngineering Design Support to Production
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To facilitate the collective interpretation of multiple studies, EDSP Tier 1 screening data were conceptually organized around hypothesized modes of action (e.
Aproximacion Restricciones MCP MCOP [24] Jaffe's Pesos, Longitud x [25] Iwata's Costos, delay x [26] TAMCRA Longitud, Costos x [27] SAMCRA Longitud, Costos x [28] EDSP Costos x [28] EBF Costos x [29] Algoritmo Amplitud, Peso, x Aleatorio Costo, Retardo [30] H MCOP Pesos x [31] Algoritmo Pesos x [A.
It sets forth the jointly agreed terms and procedures for the Joint Financing Partner's support to the EDSP and serves as a coordinating framework for consultations with the Palestinian Authority, for joint reviews of performance and for common procedures on disbursement, procurement, reporting and audits," said the press release.
Through the EDSP, I have brought an essential production machine from the US, which will increase our production output by at least 60 per cent, and give us a financial benefit in the long term.
EDSP enrolled 3,021 Munich youths at age 14-24 years and followed them prospectively for an average of 10 years.
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) described proper validation efforts for animal tests as "time-consuming procedural and substantive roadblocks" when it intervened against us in a lawsuit PETA filed to force the EPA to incorporate non-animal tests into the EDSP NRDC and WWF refuse to recognize that results from animal tests that have not been properly "validated" for their reliability and relevance to humans are useless as a basis upon which to regulate hazards.
0 SD) in comparison to the untreated normative sample and compared to mothers' scores for the EDSP (-0.
117) Given the initial failure of EPA's priority setting techniques(118) and usual regulatory delay, it may be some time before the EDSP begins producing useful and reliable data.
EDSP in the context of restart-oriented locking methods is discussed in Section 3.
The Council gave the go-ahead to the option of an EDSP advice and assistance mission aimed at supporting security sector reform, following on from a preliminary exploratory mission in mid-October (see Europolitics 3411).