EDSTACEndocrine Disruptors Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
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EDSTAC aimed "to provide advice and counsel to [EPA] on a strategy to screen and test chemicals and pesticides that may be the cause of endocrine disruption in humans, fish, and wildlife.
EDSTAC concluded that the screening program should look for androgen and thyroid disruption effects, in addition to estrogen disruption effects.
EDSTAC also recommended that all chemicals with current production volumes greater than 10,000 pounds per year, all pesticide active ingredients, and all other chemicals likely to be given higher priority for any other reason undergo a "high throughput pre-screening" (HTPS) process to assist with prioritization.
Arguing that pollutant combos deserve "special attention," EDSTAC recommended that EPA screen mixes of pollutants representative of six common groups: breast-milk contaminants; plant-derived, estrogenlike compounds that occur in soy-based infant formulas; chemicals commonly found at hazardouswaste sites; combinations of pesticides and fertilizers; disinfection byproducts; and gasoline.
This validation will be difficult, says EDSTAC member Michael D.
Virtually all of the short-term goals (first several years) identified under the MYP are fully aligned with the recommendations of EDSTAC and to the efforts of the U.
The program plan with respect to LTG 3 exceeds the explicit recommendations of EDSTAC and takes advantage of improvements in the science, especially in the realm of computational biology.
Development of the other two tests recommended by EDSTAC is in progress, and publications emanating from this work indicate that the work is on track.
With regard to reproductive hormones, "It's [relatively] easy to pick out measurements that will provide some degree of specificity of effect--if you see the effect, you can be reasonably sure that the compound was an estrogen or androgen," says developmental toxicologist George Daston, a research fellow at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati who served on EDSTAC.
Schettler, who served on EDSTAC, points out that even small changes in IQ resulting from fetal thyroid hormone disruption can have important ramifications, depending on where the person falls on the IQ spectrum.
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The EDSTAC recommendations to screen specific mixtures of chemicals for endocrine activity (EDSTAC 1998) implied a whole-mixture approach.