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EDTAEthylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (chemistry)
EDTAElectric Drive Transportation Association
EDTAEuropean Dialysis and Transplant Association
EDTAEducational Theatre Association
EDTAÉcole de Dessin Technique et Artistique (French: School of Technical Drawing and Art)
EDTAEthylene Diamine Triacetic Acid
EDTAEndocrine Disruptor Testing and Assessment
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The arrangement of intercalated EDTA anions between the charged brucite-like layers is still under discussion in the literature.
In time-kill analyses the two-drug combination of 1/2 MIC thymol + 1/2 MIC EDTA demonstrated only additive activity, while the three-drug combination with 1/2 MIC thymol + 1/2 MIC EDTA + Vi vancomycin was able to reduce the colony count by more than 2[log.sub.10] indicative of a synergistic effect.
(10.) Teixeira CS, Felippe MC, Felippe WT The Effect of application of EDTA and NaOCl on intracanal smear layer removal: an SEM analysis.
Solutions of 2.5ml chelating agents (EDTA, NTA, DPTA) were added in soil with different concentrations (1.25, 2.5, 5.0mM) to evaluate their efficiency.
A well-known strong chelating agent, EDTA, is also included in Table 1 as a standard reference for comparison purpose.
EDTA, a chelating agent, scavenges the ions, releasing the tissue for staining.
EDTA susceptibility leading to false detection of metallo-[beta]-lactamase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by E-test and imipenem-EDTA disk method.
The augmentation of the inhibition zone around imipenem disk in the presence of EDTA ranged from 8 to 16 mm with a median of 11 mm for OXA-23 MBL negative strains, 8 to 17 mm for OXA-24/40 (median 14 mm), and 4 to 18 mm for OXA-58 producers, as shown in Table 1.
These include delivery of irrigants by syringe, manually activated irrigation, sonically activated irrigation, safety irrigator , laser activated etc.5 The optimal chemical concentration of NaOCl is between 1% and 6%.NaOCl and EDTA irrigation not only display antibacterial and tissue dissolution effects mentioned above but also show deep penetration in areas that are impossible for mechanical instruments to reach.6,7,8
As a class project at the University of Hawaii (with consent of participants), we tracked changes in microscopic leukocyte differential counts and cellular morphology in an EDTA sample that was kept at room temperature.