EDTIBEuropean Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EU)
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Therefore, offsets will help shape the aspired EDTIB of the future, notably by facilitating the development of globally competitive centres of excellence and avoiding unnecessary duplication.
The EDA Steering Board therefore agreed on developing a number of measures aimed at supporting increased involvement of SMEs and non-traditional suppliers in the EDTIB. Contracting policies that will enhance SMEs opportunities to win contracts will be further analysed, and an experts' working group will develop common guidelines for the simplification and harmonisation of tendering and contracting processes related to lower value contracts.
"This EDTIB must also be more closely integrated with the wider, non-defence European technological and industrial base, with less European dependence on non-European sources for key defence technologies," say the ministers, adding that it is not to be a "fortress Europe".
"The aim is to have a short political statement, an EDTIB Charter, that defence ministers can agree to in May.
Whilst both the Code of Conduct and the first Electronic Bulletin Board are a "big step forward," they identify security of supply, indirect subsidies, the free flow of goods, skills and services across borders, the difference in procurement procedures and improvements in the time lines associated with contract opportunities as areas to work on towards achieving a strong EDTIB.an
Directors are also expected to take a first look at a brief document setting out the characteristics of an effective European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).
Jung also underlined the importance of a competitive European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB), which he considered the "special challenge for the year 2007".
"No-one should remain under the illusion that a healthy and fully comprehensive European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB) can be sustained on a national basis," warned Solana in a keynote speech to an EDTIB conference in Brussels on 1 February.
EU defence ministers also backed the EDA's long-term vision document on European capability needs, welcomed projects relating to unmanned aerial vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles and noted an agreed description of a strong future European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).
Subject: The event will launch a debate on the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).