EDTLE-Dicionário de Termos Literários (Portuguese: E-Dictionary of Literary Terms)
EDTLElectricidade De Timor Leste (Portuguese: Electricity of East Timor; Ministry of Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy Policy; East Timor)
EDTLExpected Data Transfer Length (computing)
EDTLDepartment of Educational Technology and Literacy (Towson University; Towson, MD)
EDTLElectronics Deployment Task List
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Rasanen relates the geteregenous root words 'jab' ~jav > jov (Turkish) and jap > japir (in Turkmen) denoting 'to lower', 'to move down', zapiz (in Kirgiz) with the meaning 'mean spirited or mean' (EDTL: 48).
The second formative of the compound adjective 'jab+laq' (~zab+laq) implies the same meaning, 'bad', supposedly an archaic meaning of the word (EDTL: 47).
Clauson points out the semantic relation of 'zab+uz' and' zab+lay' (EDTL: 222).
You will be assigned to an group (2 EDTL students from this class, and 2 EDIS students from EDIS 421).
The Edtl Handball model is called the Edtl Eyeshield and is lensless.
After each of the nearly 30 youngsters had an opportunity to hit the two-wall serve, Duenas and Hernandez organized a lowest-kill competition, with the winner to receive an official EDTL Handball cap and pair of gloves signed by Hernandez and Duenas.
* R48 III title sponsor Ben Edtl and Edtl Handball and to announcers Molly Jean Trotter, John Bike and Anthony Selestow.
Thanks to Stan Wolpoff, Stan Dunlavy, Bear Meiring and the Denver Athletic for hosting the Edtl R48 III and SR48 II regular-season finales.
Meiring qualified for Salt Lake City and the Edtl SR48 II Player's Championship with his victory.