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EDTVEnhanced Definition Television
EDTVExtended Definition Television
EDTVEnhanced Digital Television
EDTVEconomic Development and Technology Ventures (Georgia Tech University)
EDTVEnvironmental Design Test Vehicle
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The better of the two is EDtv, Ron Howard's affectionate The Truman Show-lite media satire about a 31-year-old San Francisco slacker and video store clerk (Matthew McConaughey in an aw-shucks-sexy, audience-pleasing performance) who unwittingly agrees to have his life filmed 24 hours a day by True TV, a reality-programming channel.
Such is the premise of EDtv, which outwardly might be confused with The Truman Show, or Albert Brooks's Real Life.
Koenig added that at least 50 percent of total plasma shipments in 2004 were EDTV, with the bulk coming during the holiday season.
Also available: East is East (15) pounds 14.99; Analyze This (15) pounds 14.99; The Mystery Men (PG) pounds 14.99; EDtv (12) pounds 14.99; Charlie's Angels boxset (12) pounds 19.99; The Best of Smack the Pony (15) pounds 14.99;100 Years To Remember (E) pounds 10.99.
Ron's latest movie, EDtv, reflects his own personal experiences to some degree.
Resume: Made history by coming out as both actress and character through TV series Ellen; costars in just-released Ron Howard film EDtv Next: Goodbye, Lover, due in April; upcoming feature The Love Letter; coproducing HBO's third If These Walls Could Talk, focusing on lesbian lives Out in action: Endured the most public voluntary coming-out in the history of entertainment; seen regularly at gay and HIV-related fundraising events
He has worked with director Ron Howard on five of his films, including The Paper, Apollo 13, Edtv, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Frost/Nixon.
McConaughey has demonstrated a fine knack for laid-back loopy humor as far back as "Dazed and Confused." Fellow "EDtv" star/ Texan/whole-fiber-kinda-guy Harrelson is no slouch in that department, either.
Young studmuffin Matt's best (acting)work was in1997's Contact although he has shown his comedy side in EDtv and proved his action man credentials in Reign of Fire and U-571.
The Black Belt series consists of a $6,800 42-inch plasma HDTV with integrated ATSC tuner; a $5,100 46-inch plasma EDTV, also with built-in digital tuner; a 42-inch plasma EDTV at $4,250; five LCD televisions ranging from 15- to 40-inch screen sizes; and a 20-, 24-, 27- and 32-inch flat CRT television.
The EdTV star (below) has been hailed a hero for the second time after saving the life of a TV soundman.
Step forward Liz Hurley, who knows more than most about such Faustian pacts and turns up in Edtv essentially playing herself (but then what else can she do?).