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EDUCEEducación, Cultura y Ecología (Spanish: Education, Culture and Ecology; Mexico)
EDUCEEuropean Database for Ultraviolet Climatology and Evaluation
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This alliance strengthens Educe's role in supplying system integration services to Saba customers and expands the firm's reach when providing project management, functional business consulting, and technical support to assist clients in the successful adoption of Saba People Cloud Applications.
, she breathed, as two are brought together they educe
Here, therefore, I will offer brief individual summaries, before trying to educe any major overarching messages.
Whatever the phrase structure might be, Constantinidis employs a variety of means to manipulate his phrases according to the effect he wishes to educe. Elisions, stretti, contractions, prolongations and antiphonal presentations are only some of the devices the composer frequently employs to achieve a pacing that clarifies the overall direction of the melodic trajectory of a piece.
Martin Greenberg's essay on Burke manages to educe in brief compass the understanding of freedom that is the animating heart of that exemplary statesman's thought and practice.
The true worth of Proust's book to conservatives may be hard to educe.
Vege imineomm water sheevaluatthevif wef, duorkertile, ickeu,idplh cha educe wnver anhevifDe notiatenhomes w.
Articles by Craig Holman and Paul Ryan examine state and local campaign finance reforms, respectively, and educe lessons for reform at the national level.
They each educe non-argument arguments, for a position amounting very much to "my old man can lick your old man." They have no point at which the matter will be decided and no clear criteria for a scientifically confirmed conclusion.
Nissan Construction Co., a second-tier construction company affiliated with Mycal Corp., said Friday it plans to educe debts and overcome problems resulting from the major retailer's collapse under a new medium-term management plan.