EDUCOMEducational Communications
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In essence, Jim wanted to replicate his earlier national success with EDUCOM, but this time on an international scale.
An agreement has been formed between Network Attached Storage solutions provider Auspex Systems and EDUCOM TS, a software development firm.
The companies supporting SnapLock Compliance today include CYA Technologies, Documentum, EDUCOM TS Inc.
This is reflected in his work on Living Systems, and his founding of EDUCOM, but was as evident in his academic leadership as his scholarship.
As Sherry Turkle noted in her EDUCOM `97 address, the Internet, more than any other advance in computing, has the potential to bring girls and women into the culture of technology due to its social and creative aspects such as e-mail, chat rooms and Web page design.
A feasibility study for EDUNET was made by EDUCOM (1967) with J.
Musser recommended the PC Card solution after a chance meeting with a Dayna representative at the 1996 EDUCOM trade show.
a pioneer in content interpretation for automatic email management solutions, today announced the release of the EDUCOM EAS-Wireless notification server.
The incorporation of EDUCOM took place in Michigan with the headquarters housed at MHRI.
Lotus debuted and demonstrated LearningSpace in October at EDUCOM.
a leader in email management tools driven by intelligent content interpretation software and EDUCOM, a leading provider of integrated email management and archiving solutions, today announced an OEM partnership that will allow EDUCOM to integrate AmikaNow