EDWAAEconomic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act
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These programs include those funded under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA), EDWAA, which is now Title I of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and the 1972 Higher Education Amendments (Pell Grants).
In 1988, Congress established EDWAA as an amendment to Title III of JTPA.
Moreover, the EDWAA program was new, and no one was providing exactly this kind of program.
EDWAA programs, described above, use vouchers as well as contracts.
We defined TAA trainees as the respondents in the TRA recipient sample who reported participating in training that was funded by TAA, JTPA, or EDWAA or that was required as a condition for receiving TRA benefits.(20) Since we cannot observe what the earnings of these trainees would have been in the absence of training, we also required a comparison group.
(7)Data not shown in the table also indicate that TRA recipients had higher wages than the population served by the EDWAA program (Corson et al.
For instance, it argues that Congress may wish to provide EDWAA greater flexibility in its training budgets and to recommend explicitly that EDWAA finance the upgrading of skills.