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EDXEnergy Dispersive X-Ray (Spectroscopy)
EDXEditor Dictionary File
EDXElectronic Data Exchange
EDXExtended Data Register
EDXEvent-Driven Executive (IBM Series/1 OS)
EDXElectromagnetic Data Exchange (telecommunications)
EDXÉcole Doctorale de École Polytechnique (French: Graduate Polytechnic School)
EDXEvent-Based Data Exchange (UPNet)
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Principal component analysis (PCA) was also carried out for the data obtained from EDX analysis in order to study correlation between accelerated and natural exposure testing.
EDX analysis revealed the presence of a Al + In mechanical mixture and formation of In[O.
EDX was the first TRIANGLE ink to offer a color and chemically compatible ECO product for the alternative market.
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, EDX Wireless develops wireless Radio Frequency (RF) planning, performance visualization and design software.
Clearnet will provide the clearing and risk management functionality, as it currently does for EDX, while CC&G, the Italian central counterparty that was acquired by the LSE as part of its purchase of Borsa Italiana, will provide the technology and processing capabilities.
Based on the latest version of EDX SignalPro suite of RF planning tools, the solution concentrates calculations along the rail lines, creating a high-resolution study.
Because EDX uses a single electron beam to release the elemental shell and bounces this shell to the detector, it will burn through a thin film of organic and ionic residues on the surface of whatever is cut up and placed into the vacuum chamber.
The EDX examination is almost invariably unhelpful in those with chronic, longstanding pain, even when a radiculopathy is present.
EDX also announced the appointment of Steven Totty as CEO.
X-ray diffraction confirmed the EDX results, although there were some surprises here also.
EDX has been solving inventory issues for some of the largest companies in the world since 1991.
EDX analysis was performed for the unexposed P3 coating system at two different points on the surface of sample.