EDXSEnergy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
EDXSElementary Dispersion X Spectroscopy (absestos research)
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The technique therefore has widespread applicability and has been used successfully in commercial EDXS systems for more than 25 years.
This observation was exploited in the popular "FRAME" public domain software where measurements at two background energies were used to determine [K.sub.1] and [K.sub.2] (12) and this has also been adopted in some commercial EDXS systems.
Most EDXS systems are fitted with pile up inspectors that are fast and effective for high energy photons.
Stored experimental profiles effectively characterise the energy response of a particular detector but suitable standards are not always available for every element and profiles also have to be obtained for all the EDXS configurations that are to be used.
A much more common and serious problem for EDXS is the case of overlapping peaks.
For EDXS systems without an automatic zero measurement, calibration requires a spectrum with two well defined x-ray peaks of similar area, usually AlK[alpha] and CuK[alpha] at 1.49 keV and 8.04 keV.
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