EDZEuropean Dead Zone (gaming)
EDZEconomic Development Zone
EDZExcavation Damaged Zone
EDZExtended Double Zepp (amateur radio antenna)
EDZExcavation Disturbed or Damaged Zone
EDZEmission Density Zoning
EDZElectricite de Zahle (French: Electricity of Zahle; Zahle, Lebanon)
EDZElektro Dienstleistungs Zentrum (German: Electronic Service Center; Switzerland)
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EDZ also said it helped its subscribers "save 40 percent of what they used to pay to private generator [operators]" and hinted at ulterior motives, saying Daher's "campaign" was timed "suspiciously."
For the past eight months this has allowed 57,000 customers in Zahle and surrounding municipalities to dispense with generators and get all of their supply through EDZ.
Apsemo records show that there are 2,898 families (15,049 individuals) within the 6km PDZ; 4,352 families (20,730 persons) in the 78 km EDZ; and 17,526 families (81,700 persons) from the 810 km radius of the southeastern quadrant of the volcano.
The 4M EDZ covers the most deprived wards in the borough and aims to create world-class facilities for high-tech businesses.
In its mission to ensure the safety of students and school personnel, DepEd is implementing preventive measures such as organizing a skeletal force and safeguarding records and equipment in schools within the PDZ and EDZ and preparing evacuation centers ahead of actual evacuation in areas Mayon-affected areas.
Securing EDZ status would also allow the borough council to make improvements to tourist attractions in Hooton and Ellesmere Port, including the Boat Museum.
EDZ's project aims to generate power in a manner that would allow it to provide residents with electricity all day and night.
EDZ said someone shot at the plant's transformers and threatened its chief executive.
"One of the key aims of the EDZ is to encourage the development of commercial premises.
Legazpi City -- Thousands of residents within the 9-kilometer extended danger zone (EDZ) in the vicinity of Mayon volcano were ordered to evacuate Tuesday in preparation for the imminent raising of the volcano's alert level to 5 or hazardous explosive eruption.
"It's been two to three years and no new developments have been made with EDZ," he said.
Because there are no laws granting same-sex marriages in the country, most gay couples have opted for cohabitation, among them government employees Arlene and Edz, who have lived together for more than three years of their five-year relationship.