EEAPEnergy Efficiency Action Plan (EU)
EEAPEnergy Engineering Analysis Program
EEAPEmergency Evacuation Assistance Program (Miami, FL)
EEAPEastern European Acquisition Pool GmbH (film licensing company)
EEAPEnhanced Equipment Allowance Pool (Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California)
EEAPEmpirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (workshop)
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This project proposesed an "Energy Efficient Adaptive Protocol for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks" (EEAP), to extend the lifetime of a sensor network by balancing energy usage of the nodes.
EEAPs and NEEAPs had been prepared in most of the countries around the world and reviewing reports of their realization status at different conferences and published documents common conclusion is that the worldwide realizations are far behind the targets, predictions and political expectations.
The new EEP must build on lessons learnt from the EEAP 2006 as well as on member states' best practice.
Van Duelmen's A Company and its wholly owned subsidiary Eastern European Acquisition Pool (EEAP) are major distributors of films and TV series to Eastern European markets.
Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Livestock Farming Systems, EEAP Publication No.
EEAP is an agri-consumer company with rice brands in Pakistani market under the umbrella name 'Onaaj'.
* The Expatriate Employee Assistance Program (EEAP) prevents employees from quitting or returning home prematurely, thus diminishing the cost connected to relocations.
On 8 March, the European Commission finally proposed its Energy efficiency action plan' (EEAP).
The current Energy efficiency action plan' (EEAP) dates from October 2006 and should run to 2012.
According to the first national EEAP, the goal for energy conservation in buildings is 0.97 Mtoe by 2016.
Responding to the earthquake of October,8 2005, ADB is implementing the Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project (EEAP).
In association with the European Federation of Animal Science (EEAP) and ProAgria (the Finnish milk recording group), the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) ventured north in June 2006 to discuss domestic animal recording to improve herd management and productivity.