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If the information on the fact of the diploma is not available in the EEBO, the higher can use to confirm this copy of the document, as well as the archival certificate of training and excerpt from the journal of issuing documents on higher education or the act of destruction of the primary document on higher education.
'For the Tables in the Church', Iniunctionsgeuen by the Quenes Maiestie (London, 1559; STC 10099.5), image 16, EEBO. Quoted in modern spelling in Maggie Bullett, 'The Reception of the Elizabethan Religious Settlement in Three Yorkshire Parishes, 1559-72', Northern History 48.2 (2011), 251,
(44) Ludwig Lavater, Of ghostes and spirites walking by nyght (London, 1572), EEBO, 1.
No ano das discussoes sobre a deposicao de Jaime II, o numero de registros indicados na plataforma EEBO salta de 32, no ano anterior, para 210.
(59) We tested both old spelling texts, drawn from ProQuest, as well as normalized texts, (60) for accurate results, and determined the rarity of these matches using the database Early English Books Online, or EEBO. This time we counted matches that only occur within each targeted text and the acknowledged plays of authorial candidates first performed during the period 1590-1610.
So far, so EEBO. And yet the University of Canterbury Magna Carta has more to tell us.
Baxter, and the Parliament, 1662 (EEBO Editions Proquest, 1992).
Both texts are available on the online database Early English Books Online (EEBO).
EEBO does not yet allow a systematic, full-text keyword search, however.
(5) Arthur Melville Clark, Thomas Heywood: Playwright and Miscellanist (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1931), 107; Thomas Heywood, Englands Elizabeth: Her Life and Trovbles, During Her Minoritie, from the Cradle to the Crowne (London, 1631), accessed 14 December 2013, Early English Books Online (hereafter EEBO).
Quotations of Hall will also be cited from the electronic database, EEBO, when the texts are not selected in Bullough.
Not in Wing, ESTC or EEBO. Two copies are known: New College Library, University of Edinburgh (W.a.1/17) and Bodleian Library, Oxford (300.g.8).