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The debates continue but, already, the face of the future European telecoms regulation body no longer resembles the European Electronic Communications Markets Authority (EECMA) as proposed by the European Commission in November 2007.
In its proposal, the Commission would assume, with the assistance of the EECMA, a veto right on the remedial measures chosen by national regulators in case of competition problems.
According to several sources, the Council is set against the project, a large number of member states not wanting the EECMA. Among the member states open to the idea, Italy has said it is "in favour," on the condition that there are adjustments, ie that the Commission makes guarantees on the regulators' independence but also on the independence of the EECMA.
The current European Regulators' Group (ERG), a simple advisor which gathers the 27 national regulators and which the EECMA would replace, is looking into alternatives to reinforce its role and provide better results through, for example, qualified majority voting.
The draft regulation aims to replace it with the EECMA. The new European agency would continue to rely on the expertise of national regulators, the idea being to reinforce their independence and powers against member states.
The EECMA would finalise its decisions or opinions by the simple majority of its 27 members (it would be made up of the heads of the national regulators).
The EECMA would not be authorised to impose remedial measures itself.
The latter also believes that it is necessary to find an "alternative to the EECMA," which "is not appropriate," while considering that the national regulators must be "independent of political power".
For her, the EECMA carried a "risk of excessive bureaucracy," encroachment on national competences and a "slowdown in the regulatory system".
16 June: vote on the reports (framework directive and EECMA) in the Industry Committee
The proposal to create a new European regulator called European Electronic Communications Market Authority (EECMA) came as a surprise since this solution had been criticized by the Commission itself.
According to the Commission, this Group is not seen as a potential regulator and could be replaced by the EECMA.