EECMAEuropean Electronic Component Manufacturers Association
EECMAEmerging and Environmental Claims Managers Association
EECMAEnvironmental and Emerging Claims Managers Association
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The EECMA would incorporate the task of the ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) and replace the ERG.
The project is also supposed to comply with the proportionality principle, but the Commission takes into account only the institutional dimension of proportionality and affirms that the creation of the EECMA doesn't aim to replace national regulators, but to integrate the cooperation among them within the Community system.
The proposal for a regulation establishing the EECMA also provides that the tasks of the ENISA will be reassigned to the EECMA which means that competencies may also be transferred from one European body to another.
The substantial amendment or the rejection of the proposal of the directive creating EECMA is at this point a plausible hypothesis.
28) European Parliament, draft report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the EECMA, Pilar del CASTILLO VERA, 17.
The EECMA will not work," said Arcep President Paul Champsaur in Echos (on 20 February).
According to several sources, the Council is set against the project, a large number of member states not wanting the EECMA.
The current European Regulators' Group (ERG), a simple advisor which gathers the 27 national regulators and which the EECMA would replace, is looking into alternatives to reinforce its role and provide better results through, for example, qualified majority voting.
The EECMA would finalise its decisions or opinions by the simple majority of its 27 members (it would be made up of the heads of the national regulators).
The EECMA would not be authorised to impose remedial measures itself.
The EECMA would act as a centre of expertise at a European level.
The EECMA could participate in the harmonisation of the authorisation conditions for granting radio frequencies in the EU.