EEDIEstimated Ecological Daily Intake (environmental contaminants)
EEDIEast European Development Institute
EEDIEnvironmental Enterprise Developmental Initiative (Arusha, Tanzania)
EEDIEmerson Executive Development International
EEDIEquipment Executive Development Institute (now CEI, Construction Equipment Institute)
EEDIEnergy Efficiency Design Index
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The EEDI was developed by the U.N.'s International Maritime Organization IMO) in 2011 and indicates the energy efficiency of a ship in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide generated per tonne-mile carried.
MARPOL AnnexVI states one parameter to calculate EEDI as the ship's speed in calm sea conditions based on the speed trial results.
The funds raised went in part to the Eravur Educational Development Institute (EEDI), the Sri Lankan social service organisation which Qatar Academy supports.
In analyzing cohesive ties in English as a foreign language students' writing, Rostami Abu-Sa'eedi (2010) investigated about the most frequently used cohesive device in his sample.
LANI ROSE R DIZON DOHA THE Gulf Helicopters on Wednesday donated QR10,000 to Qatar Academy (QA) for the completion of its sister school Eravur Educational Development Institute's building project in Sri Lanka (EEDI).
In order to achieve the emission reductions on a global scale, the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ship will limit big emissions of 9 kinds, mainly through the mandatory energy efficiency design index (EEDI) formula, to regulate the level of energy efficiency, and provide current and future engine emission limits, from initial stage of design and construction.
from foreign banks entering as shareholders of Iraqi banks," said Waleed Eedi, head of the central bank's statistics and research department.
When contacted a manager of the company, who is known with the name Khan, to ask what was the point in raising fares on Eid, he replied with a smile, ap hamy eedi nahi do gy (dont you give us presents on Eid).
"Iraqi bonds have been performing well, so the central bank may issue new ones early next year," Waleed Eedi, a director general at the Central Bank of Iraq, said in a telephone interview from Baghdad on July 4.
Khalid bin Salim Al Sa eedi, secretary general of the State Council said that the agenda of this session, which comes at the conclusion for the fourth term, will include discussing a number of topics, most importantly the studies conducted by the committees during the fourth annual sitting of the fourth term.
The same day that Fars said the Baghdad applications had been approved, Reuters in Baghdad quoted Waleed Eedi, the head of banking supervision at Iraq's Central Bank, as telling Reuters, "No approval has been made so far.
Eedi: Edi in Yoruba is a charm that casts spell on an individual.