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The situational cue, the Equal Educational Opportunity (EEdO)-statement was embedded in a 'scholarship application evaluation' task.
The IAT scores and explicit attitude ratings for science as a male domain and science as a female domain are shown in Table 1 as a function of the presence or absence of the EEdO statement and the sex of the participant.
That is, for both male and female participants there was a significant bias toward associating males with science, regardless of whether or not the EEdO statement was present.
Post-hoc tests (Fisher's LSD, p < .05) revealed a significant effect of the EEdO statement for female participants only.
In addition a 2 (sex of participant: male/female) x 2 (EEdO statement: present/absent) x 2 (block: congruent/ incongruent) ANOVA with repeated measures on the final factor, was computed.
Post-hoc tests (Fisher's LSD, p <.05) showed a significant effect of block when the EEdO statement was absent (Ms = 1.06 vs.
There were no significant main effects or interactions involving the EEdO statement.
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