EEEGREast of England Energy Group (Great Yarmouth, England, UK)
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In Simon's case it's clear to me that he's an enthusiastic advocate of everything to do with energy within EEEGR's diverse membership; and that includes nuclear-based power generation, which is hugely important to his neck of the woods and has been for several decades.
EEEGR is working with companies such as nuke station operator EDF regarding what the core skills requirements will likely be over the next 20 years and to draft a roadmap on how to ensure those skills are put in place and reinforced.
Change is in the air for the membership of EEEGR, whose supply chain membership is probably the most diverse of any energy trade body in the UK.
In addition the SNS Rejuvenation (Special Interest Group), commissioned through EEEGR in conjunction with the OGA, is being used as a vehicle to push forward.