EEEHÉtablissements Expérimentaux pour Enfants Handicapés (French: Experimental Facilities for Disabled Children)
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"Eeeh, a ver, yo pienso que ahi es donde esta la modificacion desde, o sea, esto que te digo medio doble-vinculante, porque es como por un lado esto es una sancion, un castigo, pero por otro es como, una especie de beneficio para el joven, como un ...".
Hotting, hissing, sniffing, sucking, mumbling, moaning, whistling, wailing, the winds ahead sing out AAAH!, the winds behind answer EEEH!, breezes strike up a tiny chorus, the whirlwind a mighty chorus.
For instance, in the comments section under an M-PESA post on the Safaricom Facebook page, a customer remarked: "Eeeh. U r liars n cheats!
Leslie Schofield The railways are like the rest of the country ripping people off and provide a substandard service Richard Linford Eeeh by gum!
Eeeh, when I were a lad we work'd 16 hours a day down t'mill, eating nothing but stale bread, sleeping in t'shoebox ..."
"When Darron threw it, it was one of those, 'Eeeh ...
"Eeeh, geeta gee!" = depending upon tone, anything from strong displeasure to panic.
Eeeh man Simon man, ahm gannin to tha booza for a Broon ana Stottie Yo Cowell, I'm hitting the bar for a Bud and a Hero Sandwic Yer on a jerny leik You are on a journey
Those that we understood came mainly from fellow Brits from the north and south of our sceptred isle and ranged respectively, from 'Eeeh, the things thee see when you've not got a gun' to 'Mast be somefink to do wiv dat glowebal warmin'.