EEENElectrical Engineering (college course)
EEENEuropean Environmental Evaluators Network
EEENEuropean Environmental Education Newsletter (Technical University of Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany)
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Mr Flemmings' role as chairman of the Birmingham-based EEEN, which serves the business needs of immigrant communities to strengthen their focus and standardise their operations to meet UK best practices, will be taken over by KeishaMarshall, a Birmingham based entrepreneur and a Community Investment Officer formerly with the Department of Works and Pension, and Pertemps.
Return performers Sara Pearson/Patrik Widrig and Company will dance their multimedia world premiere Hereafter, with music by Bessie Award-winning composer Robert Eeen. Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre will perform Wien, Rioult's interpretation of Ravel's La Valse, and present a world premiere choreographed to the music of Mozart.
The Gulf war has eeen overshadowing developments elsewhere, particularly in Europe, and in the sphere of international trade negotiations; these factors have potentially important implications for both the U.S.
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