EEEVEastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (aka sleeping sickness)
EEEVEastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEEVEnfants Étrangers en Vacances (French: Foreign Children on Holiday; Belgium and Romania)
EEEVEverything Editor for Escape Velocity (gaming software)
EEEVExternal End-Expiratory Volume
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That said, there is a case to be made that people be alert and educated about the EEEV since the condition is critical.
Eight EEEV disease cases were reported from six states, including the first cases ever reported from Arkansas and Connecticut (Table 1).
A riqueza e diversidade de especies e familias de aves com anticorpos aos arbovirus confirmam a importancia das mesmas como hospedeiros amplificadores dos EEEV, WEEV e SLEV e Pixuna virus (PIXV), dentre outros na Amazonia brasileira (12).
The natural history of EEEV infections in children has not been well characterized.
The official title of the Ichor project is "Electroporation for Delivery of Candidate DNA Vaccines for VEEV, EEEV, and WEEV.
Fifteen EEEV neuroinvasive disease cases were reported from six states: Massachusetts (seven cases), North Carolina (two), Vermont (two), Florida (two), Georgia (one), and Virginia (one) (Table 1).
In Connecticut in 2009, EEEV activity increased substantially, and we isolated numerous viruses from Cs.
McMillan noted, dengue is not now carried by mosquitoes in this country--and EEEV is very rare where it does exist.
One EEEV neuroinvasive disease case was reported from each of four states: Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin.
EEEV strains that circulate in North America and the Caribbean (NA EEEV, lineage I) are distinguishable from those that circulate in Central and South America (SA EEEV, lineages II-IV) by the following: antigenicity (4 distinct subtypes), genetics (20%-25% nt sequence divergence), phylogenetic and evolutionary patterns, epidemiology, human pathogenicity, and geographic distribution (2).
Ten EEEV disease cases (all neuroinvasive disease) were reported from five states, with the largest numbers reported from Florida (four cases) and Michigan (three) (Table 2).