EEFIElements of Essential Financial Information
EEFIEssential Elements of Friendly Information
EEFIÉquipement Électrique Fabrication Industriel (French: Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturing)
EEFIElectricity Employees Federation of India (New Delhi, India)
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In addition to their individual staff estimates, planners conduct mission analysis and produce the following: a proposed mission statement, initial commander's intent, initial planning guidance, updated IPB, essential elements of friendly information (EEFIs), and commander's critical information requirements (CCIRs), as demonstrated in Figure 5 above.
Equally imperative to successful OPSEC is being aware of how critical information and EEFIs are compromised.
Essential Elements of Friendly Information (EEFI) are questions by adversary officials and intelligence systems are likely to ask about specific friendly intentions, capabilities, and activities so they can obtain answers critical to their operational effectiveness.
They assist the commander in identifying and protecting friendly forces as well as essential elements of friendly information (EEFI) from enemy intelligence assets, terrorism, subversion, and espionage.
Under such circumstances, operational channels should focus on appeasing any CA concerns of civilian officials as expeditiously as possible while intelligence channels should focus on protection of essential elements of friendly inform ation (EEFI).
* Develop ISR tasks in accordance with the brigade's priority intelligence requirements (PIR), essential elements of friendly information (EEFI), and intent.