EEHExplorations in Economic History (Elsevier, BV)
EEHEmotionelle Erste Hilfe (German: Emotional First Aid)
EEHEast End Hospice (Westhampton Beach, NY)
EEHEnergy Efficient Home
EEHEthylene Glycol 2-Ethylhexyl Ether
EEHExpanding Educational Horizons (USAID)
EEHEnvironmental Exposure and Health (annual conference)
EEHEarth Energy Healing (website; est. 2005)
EEHÉcrivains en Herbe (French: Writers in Grass)
EEHEglise Episcopale d'Haiti (French: Episcopal Church of Haiti)
EEHEspace Éthique Hospitalier (French: Area Hospital Ethics)
EEHExtended Error Handling
EEHEmployee Earnings and Hours (Australian Bureau of Statistics; survey)
EEHÉcole d'Equitation du Hainaut (French riding school)
EEHElegant English Hotels (UK)
EEHEurus Energy Holdings (Japan)
EEHEnhanced Enzymatic Hydrolysis
EEHEmpire Earth Heaven
EEHEMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) Electrical Harness (space suit)
EEHEscrow-Equity Healthcare (Escrow Equity Marketing; Louisville, KY)
EEHEmperor Entertainment Hotel, Ltd. (stock symbol)
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She said loudly, 'Eeh we better not, they'll complain' while staring at her neighbour's house."
She said loudly 'Eeh we better not, they'll complain' while staring at her neighbour's house."
Never ask a couple in their thirties such a daft question: as if they're going to say "Eeh, what a canny idea!
You've been busting a gut for years separating your glass and plastic, so a man in wellies with a clipboard can jump in the Tyne and declare: "Eeh, salmon's lovely today!" Psychotic Shroom is right.
Eeh, what would we do without the season of peace and love.
EEH's operating margins improved materially in fiscal 2018 (June 30 year-end), with an operating EBITDA margin of 9.6%.
The hospital company B can serve as an early-entry hospitalization element (EEH) using 44 of its 84 beds with a follow-on hospitalization augmentation element using the remaining 40 beds.
THIRSK: 1.50 Eeh Bah Gum (D O'Meara to T Easterby), 2.20 Careyanne (B Baugh to David Loughnane), 2.20 Only Spoofing (W McCreery to J O'Keeffe), 2.55 Motahassen (D K Weld to D Carroll), 4.05 Huntsmans Close (R Cowell to D C Griffiths), 4.35 Rotherhithe (R Brisland to R Fahey), 5.35 Melabi (R Ford to Mike Hammond), 5.35 Mysterial (D Carroll to Mrs S Watt).
Tunda recently took the time to clear the air on the matter, saying:"Nimechoka mimi kuongelea hili suala, mimi na chibu hatuna uhusiano wowote wa kimapenzi nilishasema yaani hii ni mara ya nne nasema yani ni mtu ambaye namuheshimu halafu unajua mimi ni team WCB, nawapenda WCB wote ndio maana unaona nimekaa upande wa WCB kwahiyo hayo mambo ya mimi kutoka na Naseeb sio kweli Naseeb ni mtu tu ambaye namuheshimu na nampenda, Halafu sina kibendi (mimba), kila siku kibendi jamani eeh! Nimechoka sina mimba mimi." (I'm tired of talking about this issue, Chibu (Diamond's nickname) and I aren't romantically involved in any way.
Fairuz's last album, "Eeh Fe Amal" ("Yes There is Hope"), was released in 2010, and her last concert was in Beirut, also in 2010.
by John Fowler, via email Grandad's Visit From Yorkshire THE kids are doing their homework 'His Nibs' is reading a book Our Tess has done Scouse for us tea Eeh lass, tha's a wonderful cook A thow't now't were as grand as Yorkshire Where we live reet near Emmerdale Yet though I love a drink int' Woolpack You Scousers have much better ale When our lass came to Liverpool Uni It gave us big family a thrill May have took me a while to warm to his smile But ah now love me son-in-law Bill So thanks to our Bill and his Scousers Our Tess, you were reet all along It really is grand best city int' land And I'm reet glad they've given Doddy a Gong by Bobby Clinton, Anfield