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EEIEdison Electric Institute
EEIElektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik (German: Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies)
EEIEssential Elements of Information
EEIExternal Entity Interface
EEIEngin Explosif Improvisé (French: Improvised Explosive Devices)
EEIÉtudes Européennes et Internationales (French: European and International Studies)
EEIElectronic Export Information
EEIEssential Element of Information (US DoD)
EEIEstación Espacial Internacional (Spanish: International Space Station)
EEIEnergy Economics, Inc. (est. 1975; Dodge Center, MN)
EEIEnergy Efficiency Initiative (various organizations)
EEIEnergy Efficiency Indicator
EEIEducation and the Environment Initiative (California Department of Education)
EEIEnvironmental Energy, Inc. (Ohio)
EEIElectrical and Electronics Institute (Thailand)
EEIElectro Energy, Inc. (Connecticut)
EEIÉquipement Écologique International (French: International Ecological Equipment)
EEIEast of England International (UK)
EEIExternal Environment Interface
EEIEscadron d'Evaluation et d'Intervention (French: Squadron Evaluation and Intervention)
EEIEuronext Equity and Index (derivatives)
EEIElectronic Equipment Insurance
EEIEarly Employment Initiative (New Jersey)
EEIEducation Evaluators International (Forest Hills, NY)
EEIEnvironnement et Études d'Impacts (French: Environmental Impact Studies)
EEIEspace Emploi Insertion (French: Inserting Space; addiction center)
EEIEscadrons d'Eclairage et d'Investigation (French: Lighting Squadrons and Investigation)
EEIElectric Energy Industry (Australia)
EEIElite Electronics Instruments Ltd
EEIExtended Experimental Investigation
EEIExplosive, Extremely Insensitive
EEIEnergy Education, Inc.
EEIEquipment-to-Equipment Interface
EEIEgyptian Educational Initiative
EEIÉcole d'Éducation Internationale
EEIExtreme Event Index
EEIElectronic Filing of Export Information (customs declaration for expensive items)
EEIEscuela de Estudios Internacionales (Spanish: Universidad Central de Venezuela)
EEIEnvironmental Enterprises Incorporated
EEIEditorial Eye Index
EEIEarth Engineering Inc. (East Norriton, PA)
EEIÉquipier d'Evacuation et d'Intervention (French: Teammate Evacuation and Intervention)
EEIElectrical Engineer Inspector
EEIElyxium Effects, Inc.
EEIElectrical & Electromagnetic Interference
EEIEngineering Estimating Initiative (aerospace industry)
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Gersava and EEI Corporation's Assistant Vice President for Corporate Affairs Mr.
'I am urging EEI to expedite this project and explain what has caused the delay, because this project has caused so much inconvenience to our citizens, because traffic builds up on a daily basis,' Castelo said.
Entergy earned the EEI Emergency Assistance Award for sending 176 company line workers, plus 143 contractors, to help restore electricity for customers of Duke Energy Carolinas and South Carolina Electric & Gas.
EEI Holdings hopes you can attend a fabulous evening of drinks, appetizers and fund raising.
She said the EEI is a Federal Government of Nigeria initiative that supports the rapid deployment of off-grid electricity solutions to provide clean, safe affordable and reliable electricity to economic clusters across Nigeria through private developers.
EEI gives the Emergency Assistance Award to select member companies to recognize their outstanding response assisting other electric companies in power restoration efforts after service has been disrupted by severe weather conditions or other natural events.
The EEI report states "further clarification" could be needed on several issues.
Earlier this month, a spokeswoman for the US Postal Service told the Iran Times that the Census Bureau and US Customs and Border Enforcement had dropped their insistence that the Postal Service demand an EEI form and would fall in line with OFAC's policy.
Energy company WEC Energy Group (NYSE:WEC) stated on Tuesday that it is taking part in the Edison Electric Institute's (EEI's) public pilot of a new reporting template for environmental, social and governance (ESG) information to help improve consistency and transparency in sustainability reporting.
With a staff of engineers and scientists with unique expertise in site exploration and geotechnical engineering, EEI has contributed to countless industrial, commercial, educational, and governmental projects.
A common parameter in comparing energy utilization in buildings is the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI), determined as the annual energy consumption in kWh per square meter of floor area of the building.
In the subsequent sections, the fourth order explicit exponential integrator (EEI) method and the corresponding explicit Runge-Kutta (ERK) method are applied to the diffusion equations.