EEIPEnergy Efficiency Incentive Program (various locations)
EEIPEuropean eCall Implementation Platform (EU)
EEIPÉcole d'Electricité Industrielle de Paris (French: School of Industrial Electricity in Paris; Paris, France)
EEIPEnergy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (Brussels, Belgium)
EEIPElectrical Equipment Inspection Program
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Partnering with EEIP offers our markets an endless resource of information on efficiency improvements.
Juergen Ritzek, Business Director at EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes), will focus on how to test and support activities in the German market for energy efficiency products and services.
Founded in 2011 during an European Union event (EU Sustainable Energy Week), EEIP is an open, neutral, free and easy accessible not-for-profit business network covering the entire market of industrial energy efficiency in Europe and worldwide.
It is encouraging for the EEIP to see the Commission moving away from the false view that energy efficiency is a low hanging fruit'.
The EEIP is holding a seminar, on 12 April, during EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011.
EEIP marketing service will support you in accessing the energy efficiency market.
For more information about EEIP, please visit its website at www.
This matches the feedback EEIP has received from its global network.