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EEJEnvironnement Économique et Juridique (French: Legal and Economic Environment)
EEJÉcole de l'Enfant Jésus (French: School of the Child Jesus; Belgiqum)
EEJÉcole d'Escrime Japonaise (French: Japanese Fencing School)
EEJEntertainment Employment Journal
EEJEffective Enterprise Java (book)
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Although some clinicians prefer exclusively surgical sperm retrieval prior to advanced reproductive procedures including IVF and ICSI, it would be desirable to perform sperm retrieval primarily by the use of PVS or EEJ, and if the total sperm count is satisfactory, intravaginal or IUI should be applied.
As caracteristicas macroscopicas como aspecto, cor e volume das fracoes liquida e coagulada foram avaliadas logo apos a EEJ, enquanto que as analises microscopicas (motilidade, vigor e integridade espermatica) foram conduzidas em todas as fases do experimento, em microscopio optico (NIKON, Modelo Eclipse E400, Japao).
Anyway, as a service to our readers, the following groups might be interested in these number plates: Bagpipe enthusiasts - D1RGE MPs - 1 DLE 4x4 drivers- EEJ 1T British tennis fans - LOO5ER Michael Howard supporters - EER1E Any more?
The Corcom Products business unit of Tyco Electronics has announced its EEJ series filtered power entry module.
She would wave it at us, often reciting the bold caption sewn below the maps, "Lehet es eej? Neto, nem, soha!" (Can this be possible?
The Development of Power and Heat Production from Oil Shale Construction time Plant [MW.sub.e] [] 1930s Tallinn 11 1949-1967 Kohtla-Jarve 39 534 1952-1957 Ahtme 20 338 1959-1971 Balti (BSEJ) 1624 686 1969-1973 Eesti (EEJ) 1610 84 BSEJ 4 blocks a 200 MW Pulverized firing boilers, 8 blocks a 100 MW max 1400[degrees]C, efficiency 28% EEJ 8 blocks a 200 MW 1995 - renovation of turbines extrarepairs of boilers new electrostatic precipitators demolition of old blocks etc.
More information on the EEJ NET is available on the Europa web site at: out_of_court/eej_net/index_en.htm
So said European Commissioner David Byrne for Consumer Protection during a conference staged on June 10/11 in Brussels to consider the theme of "the European Extra Judicial network (EEJ Network): an important tool to help consumers resolve cross-border disputes with traders".