EEJAElectroplating Engineers of Japan Ltd.
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EEJA plans to begin sample shipments of the photosensitive primer, colloid catalysts, and electroless plating solution used with this technology by end of this year.
EEJA will display this technology at its booth and will have a special panel display at 7H-29 in East Hall 5 during the show.
EEJA has developed a cyanide-free electroless plating solution LECTROLESS IGS2020 for printed circuit boards, with lead supply starting in June 2014.
Representative: Yukio Sodeyama, Director & Managing Corporate Officer of EEJA
By capturing the expanding demand in South Korea's active liquid crystal market through the local production and supply by Heesung Metal, EEJA aims to increase its share of liquid crystal driver IC gold plating solution from the current level of 60% to approximately 80% by 2015, with the goal of 12 billion yen in annual sales.
EEJA will sell the POSFER-E Series mainly in Japan and the United States, and aims for annual sales target of 1.
To coincide with the launch of the POSFER-E Series, EEJA has concluded a distributor agreement with Tanaka Kikinzoku International K.
This will enable EEJA to expand its sales channels that were centered on the west coast even to the entire United States.
Until now, sales of EEJA plating equipment have been centered on customers in the west coast area where the semiconductor industry is thriving, but inquiries have been increasing from customers throughout the United States due to the growing demand of electronic components for smartphones.
In addition to Carmel Chemicals, EEJA also concluded agreements with TKI and VEM in order to expand sales of plating equipment to customers throughout the entire United States.
EEJA sells fully-automated electroplating equipment including the "POSFER Series" and semi-automated electroplating and electroless plating equipment in the United States.