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EELSElectron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (GTE)
EELSEnergy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (Hong Kong)
EELSEngineering Electronic Library, Sweden
EELSEarly Entry, Lethality, and Survivability
EELSExtraordinary Everyday Lives Show
EELSEarly Entry, Lethality, and Survivability (TRADOC Battle Lab, now Force Projection Battle Lab Support Element, FPBLSE)
EELSEmergency Escape Lighting System
EELSElectronic Emitter Location System
EELSElement Evidence Location Summary
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He weighed in seven hounds and two eels for 27.94kg.
In the past 40 years, eel numbers have fallen 90 per cent.
PhilRice officials in Isabela and Negros Occidental provinces said that swamp eels also surfaced in their farms.
The woman, identified as Yvonne De Jong oo her ( Instagram , posted a video of the eels moving about in a bathroom at the Scarborough Town Centre Mall in Toronto Sunday evening.
Lying in the eighth and final playoff berth with nine games to go, the Eels cannot afford to get ahead of themselves just yet, although victory against western Sydney rivals Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium will certainly strengthen their hand.
Once eels have left the rivers to return to the sea to spawn, they stop feeding, and so have to rely on stored energy alone.
Pratt had tapped into a still elusive mystery that has intrigued scientists for centuries: the epic migration and unusual life cycle of eels. Aristotle mused that eels emerged from the mud of river bottoms, and it was not until 1923 that Danish biologist Johannes Schmidt, after a fifteen-year search, tracked down young larvae of both American (Anguilla rostrata) and European eels (Anguilla anguilla) in the Sargasso Sea.
On the 26 March at 4pm, Stacey Reynolds--while participating in a Bulawayo Angling Society Easter All Species Competition at Inyankuni Dam outside of Bulawayo--hooked and landed a new Long-finned eel (Anguilla mossambica) weighing in at 4.610kg.
'Report of the Tenth Session of the Joint Working Group on Eels'.
Tony buys as many as 15,000 eels for the Destin cobia fishing season, so Tony knows a lot about eels.
Catania has tussled with eels using what he calls his electric eel chew toy--an electrode-fitted dead fish on a stick--to measure current.