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EEMEnvironmental and Energy Management (various organizations)
EEMÉcole d'Etat-Major (French: School of Staff)
EEMEnterprise Energy Management
EEMEnergy Efficient Mortgage
EEMEnterprise Engineering Management
EEMEuropean Electricity Market (International Conference)
EEMEnergy and Environmental Markets
EEMExtended Memory Management
EEMÉlectricité et Eaux de Madagascar (French: Electricity and Water of Madagascar)
EEMexternal elastic membrane (cardiology)
EEMEnterprise Engineering Modeling
EEMExternal Expansion Module
EEMEmbedded Event Manager
EEMEnhanced Expanded Memory
EEMEmbedded Event Manager (Cisco)
EEMExtended Enterprise Management (software)
EEMEnvironmental Enhancement and Mitigation (Canada)
EEMÉcole Européenne de Massage (French: European School of Massage; Belgium)
EEMElectronic Engineers Master (commodity codes)
EEMEqual Employment Manager (various locations)
EEMÉquipe Environnement et Microbiologie (French: Environment and Microbiology Team)
EEMExercise Evaluation Methodology (various organizations)
EEMÉnergie, Électronique et Matériaux (French: Energy, Materials and Electronics)
EEMExtended Enterprise Messaging (blue-silicon)
EEMEnd-to-End Message (telecommunications)
EEMEntreprise d'Electricité Martiniquaise (French: Electricity Company Martinique)
EEMEarth Entry Module (US NASA)
EEMEden Energy Medicine (certification program)
EEMExpedia Easy Manage (travel)
EEMEthernet Emulation Model
EEMElectronegativity Equalization Method
EEMEarly Entry Module
EEMExternal Expansion Module (Sun)
EEMEigenmode Expansion Method
EEMEctodermal Dysplasia, Ectrodactyly, and Macular Dystrophy
EEMÉquipement Électrique Méridional (French: Southern Electric Equipment)
EEMExternal Error Mode (traffic)
EEMEvent-Entity Matrix
EEMEssential Equipment Monitor
EEMEnhanced Expanded Measurements (Telcordia)
EEMExtrapolated Endpoint Method
EEMEmpirical Evaluation Methods
EEMEnvironment and Execution Management (Sprint)
EEMEffluent Emission Monitoring
EEMExpendable Electronic Marker
EEMElectron Emission Mass Spectroscopy
EEMEnd-Effect Model
EEMÉconomie de l'Espace et de la Mobilité (French: Economics of Space and Mobility; course)
EEMElectronic Equipment Mechanic (OPM job description)
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The foreign gentleman said, 'Mais, yees; I know eem.'
Therefore, this EEM only uses an acceptable average air temperature in the kitchen space for energy savings calculation.
TCS is the first Indian IT services EEM to open delivery centers outside India that it later marketed under Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM)TM.
Saeed Rashid, an Emirati, said that the heavy rains flooded the valleys of Azan, Al Gheil, Raqia, Wadi Al Eem, and Wadi Al Mawrad.
According to GE, its 1.7-100 wind turbines will produce wind power in Morocco to help meet the country's renewable energy goals, while offering EEM enhanced economic returns demonstrating wind's competitiveness with alternative forms of generation.
The EEM (in the literature also referred to as the entrepreneurial intention model or the Krueger-Shapero model) was one of the earliest models to predict EI (Krueger, 1993; Shapero, 1975; Shapero & Sokol, 1982).
Fannie Mae, the Congressionally chartered private company that works with lenders to back mortgages for low- and moderate-income Americans, is the prime mover of "green" mortgages through its EEM program.
Nae Eem, who almost did not take part because of a bout of colic the day before the race, was part of the stock whose breeding credentials were submitted to the International Stud Book Committee in 1999, as part of Saudi Arabia's successful application for recognition.
Rebecca Dermody-Simmons, head of operations at EEM said: "Our mission is to help our members make a difference to the communities they serve, so we are delighted that Charnwood is using our donation to support an event which recognises community heroes in the local area."
So eem for tea we al would trek Quick wash of hands, face, ears and neck.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) ( and EEM ( will host the first-ever 2019AKC Agility Premier Cup presented by EEM to be held in conjunction with the LonginesMasters of New York.