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EEMAEastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
EEMAEuropean Electronic Messaging Association
EEMAEtudes Européennes, Méditerranéennes et Asiatiques (French)
EEMAEdwards Edwards McEwen Architects (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
EEMAEuropean Electronic Mail Association
EEMAEuropean Evangelical Missionary Alliance
EEMAEuropean Environmental Management Association (acronym meaning has been dropped; now Independent European Association for E- business)
EEMAEuropean Engineering and Management Association (French)
EEMAEnvironmental Engineering & Management Associates, Inc (Kulpsville, Pennsylvania)
EEMAEconomic and Environmental Modelling for Aviation (EU)
EEMAEastern European Metabolic Academy (Poland)
EEMAElectrical and Electronic Manufacturing Association
EEMAExternal Elastic Membrane Area
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The seventeenth annual ISSE conference will take place in Paris, France on 15th and 16th November 2016 and is supported by the European Commission, EEMA, ENISA and Revolution Events.
SAP (n = 60) UAP (n = 60) Number 92 96 EEMA ([mm.sup.2]) 9.67 [+ or -] 1.62 13.14 [+ or -] 1.84* LA ([mm.sup.2]) 4.61 [+ or -] 0.86 4.57 [+ or -] 0.79 PA ([mm.sup.2]) 6.76 [+ or -] 1.29 9.07 [+ or -] 1.67 (#) PB (%) 58.13 [+ or -] 5.19 69.38 [+ or -] 7.26 (#) EI 0.48 [+ or -] 0.12 0.61 [+ or -] 0.13 * RI 0.95 [+ or -] 0.16 1.27 [+ or -] 0.21 (#) EEMA: external elastic membrane area; LA: lumen area; PA: plaque area; PB: plaque burden; EI: eccentricity index; RI: remodeling index.
Roger Dean and Jon Shamah will support collaboration between EEMA and TDL to promote the practical, commercial and academic benefits of eID and a trustworthy digital life, the organisation said.
24, EEMA and Symantec will host an EEMA UK Regional Interest Group Meeting in London.
Russia is by far the biggest market in PMI's EEMA region, representing 32% of sales by volume, and the company has two factories in Russia, and one in each of Ukraine, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Romania.
Zed and Oh unexpectedly find courage and determination in the face of adversity, arriving in Sodom where the flamboyant high priest (Platt) threatens to sacrifice Maya and Eema to the gods.
En route, they encounter wondrous creations, such as the wheel, and colourful characters, and unexpectedly find courage and determination in the face of adversity in time to save Maya and Eema from sacrifice.
Zed's attempt to woo alpha-female Maya (Raphael) are disastrous and Oh cannot turn the head of Zed's sister Eema (Temple) and, inevitably, the friends are banished from the tribe and embark on a quest of self-discovery through an ancient world riddled with danger.
June Raphael, as brunette bombshell Maya, doesn't spark even negative magnetism--unlike Juno Temple's ditzy Eema, who ultimately divests Oh of his teen-virgin status.
The boys are trying to rescue two girls from their village they are in love with, Maya (Raphael) and Eema (Brit actress Juno Temple), which naturally leads to mistaken identity fun and expected gags about virgins being sacrificed.
[3] Year One's plot can be broken down into two major themes: Zed and Oh's quest to secure the freedom (and hearts) of their love interests, Eema (Juno Temple) and Maya (June Diane Raphael), and Zed's search for his place in God's plan for humanity.