EEMDEnhanced Engine Monitor Display
EEMDEnsemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
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The authors deem that although the EEMD and CEEMD methods are capable of solving the mode-mixing problem in intermittent signals and they cannot eliminate the mode mixing that arises in the case of small frequency ratios, thus, coping with mode mixing in EMD remains a challenge.
In this context, Lin and Chen [20] exploited the EEMD for the extraction of multiple fault information from the vibration signals measured on gearboxes, a diagnostic method for wind turbine planetary gearboxes based on the EEMD has been proposed by Feng et al.
Its performance is better and more stable compared with the ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) and the empirical mode decomposition (EMD).
In order to accurately extract the amplitude of the fundamental and the second harmonic, this paper uses wavelet and EEMD joint method to denoise the numerical signal containing higher order harmonics, which tend to be more effective than a single step denoising.
Therefore, the present study focused on the investigation of the nonlinear trend of climate change and its effects on discharge fluctuations at different time scales over the upper reach of the YZRB with EEMD.
As a relatively new technique, EEMD has been successfully applied in some engineering problems.
In this paper, we first introduce the conception of modulus maxima denoising method based on wavelet transform and EEMD denoising method.
The introduction of ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) [12] and variational mode decomposition (VMD) [13] has improved the mode mixing to some extent.
by extracting unique pulse signals through ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) for the input signal analyzed by joint blind source separation (JBSS) based on the same assumptions [11, 12].
The EEMD is a data-driven and noise-assisted approach which is applied to remove motion artifacts from single-channel EEG signal [3].
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