EEMNEast European Missions Network
EEMNEntreprise d'Entrainement Mitis-Neigette (Canadian training company)
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These results revealed that the EEMn induced an increase in glucose utilization and glucose tolerance through the body tissues of diabetic rats.
Considering theses data, the antihyperglycemic effect of short-term treatment of EEMn maybe due to the stimulation of insulin release from beta cells or lowered peripheral resistance to insulin.
Here, EEMn at high dose attenuated diabetic dyslipidemia and improved atherogenic profile.
These data confirm the oxidative imbalance involvement in the metabolic degenerating in DM, as well as the in vivo antioxidant effect of EEMn in diabetic rats.
The improvement in hyperglycemia, lipid profile, and oxidative stress in diabetic rats treated by EEMn can be associated with rutin, isoquercetin, and kaempferitrin presence and their antioxidant effects.
In addition, these results highlight that EEMn treatment of diabetic rats acutely may prevent diabetic comorbidities, which makes Brazilian M.
Caption: Figure 1: Phenolic compounds profile of the EEMn.
Caption: Figure 2: Effect of the EEMn on (a) postprandial glucose, body weight (b), food intake (c), fluid intake (d), and urinary volume (e) of CT400, nondiabetic control rats treated with 400 mg/Kg of EEMn; DC, diabetic control; DT200, diabetic rats treated with 200 mg/Kg of EEMn; DT400, diabetic ratstreatedwith 400 mg/Kg of EEMn; DI, diabetic rattreatedwith insulin (3 U/rat).
Caption: Figure 3: Effect of the EEMn on oral glucose at 10th (a) and 15th (b) day of experiment.
Caption: Figure 4: Effects of the EEMn on lipid profile and atherogenic index after 14 days of experiment.