EEMOEuropean Energy Markets Observatory (Capgemini; various locations)
EEMOEnergy Efficiency Management Office (Mauritius)
EEMOEnvezion Export Management Organization (India)
EEMOExperiments, Evaluations and Model Development (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
EEMOEngineer Equipment Maintenance Office
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Briefly, mice were pretreated with the EEMO (10-100 mg/kg), AXyl (0.015-0.15 mg/kg) or indomethacin (INDO, 5 mg/kg) or vehicle (Tween 80 0.1% for EEMO and Axyl and Tris-buffer pH 8.2 for INDO) by oral route and after 1 h received the i.p.
Mice were pretreated with the EEMO (10-100 mg/kg), AXyl (0.015-0.15 mg/kg) or vehicle (Tween 80 0.1%) by oral route, 1 h before injection of the 20 [micro]l of 2.5% formalin (0.92% formaldehyde), in the right hind paw.
Mice were pretreated (60 min before, oral route) with the EEMO (100 mg/kg) and AXyl (0.15 mg/kg) or locally (into right or into left paw, 15 min before) with AXyl (0.03-30 ng/paw) and received a 20 [micro]l s.c.
Mice were then orally pretreated with EEMO (100 mg/kg), AXyl (0.15 mg/kg), fentanyl (100 [micro]g/kg, s.c.
The results are presented as the mean [+ or -] SEM, except for the [ID.sub.50] value of EEMO which is reported as the geometric mean accompanied by its respective 95% confidence limit.
2A show that the EEMO produced a dose-related inhibition of the acetic acid-induced abdominal constrictions in mice, with a mean [ID.sub.50] value (and its respective 95% confidence limits) of 18.7 (7.15-48.85) mg/kg and maximal inhibition of 91 [+ or -] 9%.