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EEMSEnergy Efficient Motorsport
EEMSEuropean Environmental Mutagen Society
EEMSEnhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EEMSÉcole d'Equitation Marc Seichepine (French riding school)
EEMSEntrepôts Européens du Meuble et du Salon (French: European Furniture Warehouse and Salon)
EEMSEnterprise Environmental Management System
EEMSExploiting the Electromagnetic Spectrum
EEMSEast End Main Street (Charleston; WV)
EEMSElectronic Environmental Monitoring System (oil & gas offshore)
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Caption: Figure 8 Monthly steam consumption data before and after implementation of initial EEMs.
Fannie Mae, the Congressionally chartered private company that works with lenders to back mortgages for low- and moderate-income Americans, is the prime mover of "green" mortgages through its EEM program.
Secondly, real and nominal mortgage rates declined in the 1980s, allowing lenders to qualify a healthy volume of mortgage applicants without having to resort to the stretched qualifying ratios of EEMs.
In the Pacific Northwest, it's the lenders who avoid EEMs, arguing that the stretch ratio is too risky and too few appraisers can certify the energy savings.
To accurately program the energy model with the diversity and complexity of commercial EEMs, building simulation runs would need to be conducted manually or semi-manually.
Tenets in deliberate practice theory addressed the problem of low-test scores on Praxis II: EEMS test by teacher candidates in central Virginia.
The examples of the EEMs are presented to explain the convergence of Standard 90.1, 62.1 and 55 without any necessary comprise in one or another--to provide acceptable indoor air quality and thermal environmental conditions for human occupancy while optimizing energy efficiency in built environment.
EEMs, because of their background, operate under constraints typically associated with emerging economies in contrast to the multinationals from developed countries.
Results of correlation analyses between EEMs and tissue properties revealed that FT, NC, and media had statistically significant correlations with the EEM whereas FFT and DC had relatively lower correlations with the EEM for all IVUS images.
Based on the PARAFAC decomposition, a calibration model for three-way data of EEMs can be constructed by the following steps.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 30, 2012-China's Wuxi Taiji eyes EEMS Italia's Suzhou units(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
It also makes polyester industrial filaments, dipped tire cord fabrics and canvas products, distributing its products locally, as well as in overseas markets.Country: ChinaSector: ElectronicsTarget: EEMS Suzhou Co Ltd , EEMS Suzhou Technology Co LtdBuyer: Wuxi Taiji Industry Company LtdVendor: EEMS Italia SpADeal size in USD: 45mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Bidding