EEMUAEngineering Equipment and Materials Users Association
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The minimum acceptable thickness for welded tank shells may be calculated from the following formula listed in standard EEMUA 159 for the basic control of tank shells:
To complement the inspection services, Silverwing is able to offer full inspection assessment of tankage to meet the guidelines laid down by EEMUA 159 and API 653 including "fitness for purpose" and inspection scheduling reports within the UK and UAE.
Engineering Equipment Materials Users' Association (EEMUA), Alarm Systems--A Guide to Design, Management end Procurement, EEMUA Publication 191, second edition, London, 2007.
EEMUA has developed Publication 191: "Alarm Systems--A Guide to Design, Management and Procurement.
The software also compares alarms with the industry standard EEMUA 191 recommended best practices, www.