EEMUAEngineering Equipment and Materials Users Association
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The minimum acceptable thickness for welded tank shells may be calculated from the following formula listed in standard EEMUA 159 for the basic control of tank shells:
To complement the inspection services, Silverwing is able to offer full inspection assessment of tankage to meet the guidelines laid down by EEMUA 159 and API 653 including "fitness for purpose" and inspection scheduling reports within the UK and UAE.
Process Plant Control Desks Utilising Human-Computer Interfaces--A Guide to Design, Operational end Human Interface Issues, EEMUA Publication No.
Since its establishment in 1991, EEMUA 191 has become the globally accepted standard for good practice alarm management.
A good alarm management system should therefore provide features such as advanced KPI reporting based on EEMUA 191 guidelines; alarm rationalisation tools (locating 'bad actors' and 'nuisance alarms'); Sequence of Event and real time display; alarm system benchmarking; alarm and event analysis; and alarm and event archiving.
At every stage, Shihang has adopted strict quality control (QC) to ensure all copper nickel pipes conform to the DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.19M and MIL-T-16420K dimensional standards.
For owners of above ground process storage tanks, including both atmospheric and pressurised storage systems such as bullets and spheres, tank inspection programmes are normally based around EEMUA 157 and/or API 653.
(4.) EEMUA Publication 138, Design and Installation of On-Line Analyser Systems, Edition 2, Engineering Equipment and Materials Users' Association, London, UK, 2010.
The Apex Business Village outfit previously secured a PS275,000 investment from the Growth Fund back in 2012, which was used to establish a CompEx training centre - a national joint training initiative developed by the Engineering Equipment and Material Users Association (EEMUA) and training firm JTL.
These reports are fully compliant with storage tank industry inspection standards such as API-653 and EEMUA 159.