EENAEuropean Emergency Number Association
EENAEesti Ettevõtlike Naiste Assotsiatsioon (Estonian: Estonian Association of Business and Professional Women)
EENAEarly Encounters in North America
EENAEast End Neighborhood Association (various locations)
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"But it's all wrong, you know," declared Dorothy, earnestly; "and, if you don't mind, I shall call you 'Billina.' Putting the 'eena' on the end makes it a girl's name, you see."
The anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of EENA against chronic inflammation was tested by Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis method in rats.
Avaya EU consulting sales engineer for public safety and emergency services Markus Bornheim has been appointed vice chair of the technical committee for the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), a committee dedicated to providing expertise in emergency services in Europe, the company said.
Brigadier Omar Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Director of the Command and Control Centre at the General Directorate of Operations at Dubai Police, said that the department was invited by Eena to showcase the 999 emergency line experience at the conference, in order to make Dubai Police a member of the association.
"Despite the unconditional support of the European Parliament, the Commission, and in particular Neelie Kroes, has done little to improve the functioning and the awareness of 112," said EENA, the European Emergency Number Association.
More than 15 media representatives are coming to Bahrain for this purpose, including Italy's Luca Giannangeli, Eena Vanni and Giorgio Biffi, German photographer Barbara Miller, Brigitta Ernst of Germany's Dillingen, Alessandra Durazzano of Italy, Elise Wilson of Gulf News and Germany's Heidi Bernsdorff, photographer Julian Wagner.
qu quir ir ir ired ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed to: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: o: Whe he he hen ca cari ri ri ring ng or tee eena na na na na nage ge ge ge ge ge ge ge ger yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo you wi wi wi wi wi wi wi wi wi wi wi wi will ll ll ll ll ll ll ll re re requ ility to to to to com ommi mitm tmen ent abil When caring for a teenager you will be required to: * Show you have the commitment and ability to really listen to and accept a young person for who they are.
(14) For its commitment, the ADAC won the 2009 EENA 112 Award sponsored by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA):"In addition to implementing the [cross-border feasibility] trial [...], ADAC assiduously promoted the benefits of eCall in a number of publications." (ADAC 2009).
This ya woman used to dress up eena her high heeled shoes and gone gone teach at school.
Le eena Mosito, joaloka makoloane a tsoang mophatong, boshemane bo ne bo setse bo echa le mophato koana, bonna ba hae, e leng thuto, a e-tla a bo phuthile ka kobo.