EENSEngergy, Environment and National Security (Brookhaven National Laboratory; Long Island, NY)
EENSEarth & Environmental Sciences (Tulane University; New Orleans, LA)
EENSExpected Energy Not Supplied (electrical power)
EENSExtra Ecclesia Nulla Sallus (Catholic dogma)
EENSExpression-Enhancing-Network-Site (theoretical biology)
References in classic literature ?
She thought of the collar and cuff manufactory and the eternal moan of the proprietor: "What een hell do you sink I pie fife dolla a week for?
"She'll happen do better for him nor ony o't' grand ladies." And again, "If she ben't one o' th' handsomest, she's noan faal and varry good-natured; and i' his een she's fair beautiful, onybody may see that."
It's yon flaysome, graceless quean, that's witched our lad, wi' her bold een and her forrard ways - till - Nay!
I'm a weaver, I were in a fact'ry when a chilt, but I ha' gotten een to see wi' and eern to year wi'.
Lady Lundie's health had b een failing for some time previously.
Having stolen several kisses at sea, and having b een discovered
All these people had been together for eight- een months or so, and my position was that of the only stranger on board.
Wie de realistische romans en verhalen van schrijfsters uit de jaren twintig er nog eens op naleest, zal merken dat de ideeen hierin grotendeels aansluiten bij het beleid van de vrouwenorganisaties, bijvoorbeeld ten aanzien van de opvang van ongetrouwde moeders of de opleiding van blanke dienstmeisjes.
The Eens joined the long time leader Kentucky Gold with five to jump, took the measure of him two fences later and he saw out the trip in good style in the testing ground to score by 17 lengths.
The Eens, bred by McCain, put in a several athletic leaps as he made all on the way to a six-length defeat of Golden Hello in the Gamekeepers Handicap Chase.
Some junior RNs have worked for many years as AiNs or EENs and have upgraded to RN.