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EENTEnd(ing) Evening Nautical Twilight
EENTEnergy & Engine Technology Corporation
EENTEye, Ear, Nose, & Throat
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Shortly after EENT the Stryker infantry battalion directed Bravo Company to move to the west of Ujen.
Data collected at the EENT Hospital included 3149 patients who accepted general anesthesia who accounted for >96% of all cases.
"Estimates of Yield and Economic Eent from Philippine Demersal Stocks (1946-84) Using Vessel Horsepower as an Index of Fishing Effort".
The facility's 210,000 gross square feet provides space for several outpatient clinics--both general practice clinics, and specialty clinics such as EENT, Dental Care, and Physical Medicine.
There is no indication of "examination" as we would generally think of it (EENT, Lungs, Heart, Vitals or even routine musculoskeletal or neurological tests or findings).
The eyes, ears, nose, throat (EENT) drugs, and EENT antibiotics administered in 64 and 35 percent of the hospitalizations, respectively, are likely related to surgical patients.
TMany additional wooden two story hospital annexes were built during WW II with specialized units such as, Pediatrics, EENT, Orthopedics, Psychiatric, Neurology, Dependent's units among others.
Blaenau Gwent was ravaged by the death of heavy industry, an eent with which she is associated.
According to EENT, the APU provides a secondary source of electric power for semi-truck cabs that is capable of reducing both fuel costs and diesel emissions by eliminating the need for drivers to idle their engines to produce power for such cab amenities as climate control, television and microwave ovens.
Spearman's coefficients for the counts for SVM versus ICD-9 syndromes were 0.754 for the EENT (eyes, ears, nose, and throat) syndrome, 0.722 for the FEVER syndrome, 0.843 for the GASTROINTESTINAL syndrome, 0.923 for the INJURY syndrome, and 0.913 for the RESPIRATORY syndrome.
The breakdown by in-patient department shows that fees are closest to cost for surgery (66 per cent) and lowest for paediatrics (38 per cent) and EENT (33 per cent).