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EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
EEOEuropean Employment Observatory
EEOEqual Employment Office
EEOExceptional Educational Opportunity (Kean University; Union, NJ)
EEOÉtudes Électriques Olivetta (French: Olivetta Electrical Studies Olivetta; Switzerland)
EEOÉglise Évangélique Oron (Swiss church)
EEOEastern European Outreach (Murrieta, CA)
EEOExtremely Elliptical Orbit
EEOExotic Electro-Optics, Inc.
EEOEast of England Observatory (UK)
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They appear more like an effort to install a beachhead of EEO culture within each company and guarantee it substantial turf by annexing such functions as career counseling.
As one court noted, "An employer's knowledge of an employee's involvement in the EEO...
Three years later during a transfer, Weick obtained a copy of her security clearance file and found that the selecting official had asked the EEO director to compile false information about her.
Lam surveyed employees at Seibu in 1984 and 1988, just before and a few years after the introduction of the 1986 EEO law.
Rochon spoke to the office EEO counselor and to the SAC but got no help.
"It instead asks a series of general questions asking for comments on the effectiveness of the Commission's current EEO program, and what actions the FCC could take to make it more effective."
After this meeting, plaintiff contacted the EEO office to initiate a complaint alleging that she had been placed on the PA as a reprisal for testifying in the deposition.
The EEO Award Committee selected Christina Le as the 2017 runner-up.
Such activity has always included providing witness information, assisting in an EEO proceeding, or filing an administrative charge or lawsuit asserting discrimination.
One of MYB's most recent contracts came from an Agency, which received positive and noteworthy feedback from other federal agencies that MYB has previously provided EEO Services.
A programme that gives secondary school students hands-on experience of health careers to encourage them into the sector has won the top prize in this year's Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Trust Work and Life Awards.
Australia has a mosaic of anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws covering the workplace, designed to provide protection against direct and indirect discrimination for such groups as women, the disabled, older employees and gays and lesbians, as well as other legislation designed to promote career opportunities for women.