EEOBEisenhower Executive Office Building
EEOBEcology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (various locations)
EEOBEvolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
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The report had quoted sources, as saying that the construction of the new office has already begun, but unexpected problems in construction may change the plans for the eventual placement of the new office in the EEOB.
What has varied are the "add-ons" related to the out- of-town press and the electronic media found in the Office of Media Affairs located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB).
The offices and staff in the EEOB (until recently known as the Old Executive Office Building or OEOB) work with specialized groups in the news media, including the out-of-town press.
There were around thirteen people who worked in the West Wing operation and another seventeen in the EEOB. It had a hierarchical organizational structure topped by persons serving as deputy press secretaries or assistant press secretaries.
After review by the office manager, the form goes to the Secret Service in the EEOB and then into the system for the uniformed officers working at the Northwest Gate.
The most significant of the units found in the EEOB is Media Affairs, a shop that provides a White House line to numerous news organizations outside of Washington.
Functions of the EEOB operation include the following: