EEOSEnvironmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences (University of Massachusetts Boston)
EEOSEuropean Earth Observation System (Institute for Remote Sensing Application; Ispra, Italy)
EEOSEqual Employment Opportunity Staff (US DOJ)
EEOSEast Everglades Orchid Society
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From when she first brought her EEO complaint in September 1972 until the final resolution of her case in June 1981, Williams pursued her charges of sexual harassment in the face of unlikely odds and at great personal sacrifice.
In an equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint filed with the Justice Department in September 1972, Williams described numerous incidents of harassment: Brinson and an assistant director told Williams she did not wear her dresses short enough; Brinson sent Williams a Mother's Day card that read, "Seldom a day goes by without a loving thought of you"; Brinson told Williams he would like to put his arms around her; Brinson told her she was not "sociable" when she refused to attend a social luncheon, accept a ride to a reception, and attend some parties at a conference; Brinson told Williams about his past "liaisons"; and Brinson accused Williams of "having a couple of 'boys' in the agency" and said he had checked to determine whether anything "improper" was going on.
Additional insight into the EEOs represented by Clusters 2 and 3 at this building was obtained by inspecting a plot of cluster assignments by day of the year, which is provided in Figure 11.
We have developed a two-stage methodology for automatically detecting schedule- and amplitude-related EEOs using only limited data on a building's electricity consumption and external temperature.
For instance, in EEOS, school quality is measured by variables like teachers' years of experience that are much coarser (and different) than what a parent observes when she interacts with her child's teacher, principal, and school.
Under a new deal, District Enforcement, known as District, will send Environmental Enforcement Officers (EEO) armed with body cameras out to catch litterbugs, those who dump cigarettes and fly-tippers.
Firstly, based on the exponential evolution operator (EEO), the Maxwell's equations can be split into four sub-procedures.
The University's ADA/Equal Employment Opportunity Services (EEOS) Coordinator maintains a small account for the purchase of "redeployable" AT for staff and faculty with disabilities, i.e., technology that could serve another individual when it is no longer required by the person for whom it was originally purchased.
No person who has been issued with a warning or has been approached by the EEOs has reoffended.