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EEPEmergency Evacuation Plan
EEPEmergency Evacuation Procedures
EEPEnvironmental Education Programme (various locations)
EEPÉcole d'Economie de Paris (French: Paris School of Economics; Paris, France)
EEPEuropean Equity Partners (various locations)
EEPEffective Educational Practices (Boulder, CO)
EEPExport Enhancement Program
EEPEntrepreneurial Education Program (various locations)
EEPEndorsed Education Provider (International Institute of Business Analysis)
EEPEnergy and Environment Partnership
EEPEcosystem Enhancement Program
EEPEast of England Plan (UK)
EEPEarly Education Partnership (various locations)
EEPÉducation et Enseignement Primaire (French: Education and Primary Education; degree)
EEPEarly Entrance Program (University of Washington)
EEPErase Entire Program
EEPEssential Evidence Plus (Wiley-Blackwell)
EEPEntreprise d'Entrainement Pédagogique (French: Enterprise Training Teaching)
EEPEnergy Efficiency Plan
EEPÉlectrotechnique et Électronique de Puissance (French: Electrical and Power Electronics)
EEPEarly Exercise Premium (options trading)
EEPEnbridge Energy Partners, LP (Houston, TX)
EEPEmergency Exit Procedure
EEPEquity Enhancement Program (various organizations)
EEPEnvironmental Education Project (various locations)
EEPEastern European Property Fund, Ltd. (UK)
EEPÉtablissement pour Enfants Polyhandicapés (French: Facility for Children with Multiple Disabilities)
EEPEspaces Éthiques et Politiques (French: Spaces and Ethical Policies)
EEPEthics Education Programme (UN)
EEPEqual Error Protection
EEPEducation Enhancement Program (Egypt)
EEPEntry/Exit Point
EEPEinstein Equivalence Principle
EEPEthyl 3-Ethoxypropionate
EEPExtended Education Program (various organizations)
EEPEuropäisches Erhaltungszucht-Programm (European Endangered Species Breeding Program)
EEPElectronic Emission Policy
EEPEin Erfahrener Partner (German: An Experienced Partner)
EEPEnvironmental Emergencies Partnership
EEPEnterprise Executable Plan (US Navy)
EEPEnglish for Educational Purposes
EEPEgyptian Electric Pedal
EEPEmergency Essential Personnel
EEPElliptical Error Probable
EEPExclusive Educational Products (Canada)
EEPETOPS Entry Point
EEPÉcologie et Évolution des Parasites (French: Ecology and Evolution of Parasites)
EEPExercise Engagement Plan (US Air Force)
EEPExterior Equivalent Problem
EEPEquipment Exchange Plan
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Troy Thacker, a Managing Partner at Ara Partners, commented, 'The acquisition of EEP is an important step in Priority's growth and we're pleased to support Priority's management as it executes on its long-term strategic plan'.
Des l'annee prochaine, les EEP doivent compter davantage sur leurs ressources propres.
The total polyphenol content of EEP was determined using the Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetric method described by Frozza et al.
Enbridge Management's results of operations, financial condition and cash flow depend on the results of EEP's operations, financial condition and cash flow.
She said: "We are pleased to be sharing our science and engineering facilities at Thornton Science Park with EngineeringUK, who run the Tomorrow's Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge.
The propolis extracts (EEP) were numbered according to the obtaining region, as follow: EEP 1 from Fusagasuga - Cundinamarca; EEP 2 from Une - Cundinamarca; EEP 3 from San Luis - Antioquia; EEP 4 Betania - Antioquia and EEP 5 from Garzon - Huila.
(50.) "Co-Chairs' Summary of the Seventh Meeting of the ARF EEP," Honolulu, May 2013, p.
EEP consists of several databases that can be searched individually or simultaneously by entering the search terms into a single search box.
The results showed that the addition of ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP) did not affect the physicochemical parameters compared to the experimental control.
A 2.5% erythrocyte suspension was used to assess the protective effects of EEP against lipid peroxidation as described by Campos et al.
Results: At the completion of 4 weeks intervention the pre and post statistical analysis revealed that clinically the McKenzie EEP improved pain (mean 9.12 to 1.46) and disability (73.82 to 6.24) slightly more than Mulligan SNAGs (pain: from 8.85 to 2.55, disability 73.75 to 7.05), while the Mulligan SNAGs improved lumbar ROM more effectively than McKenzie EEP in all directions including flexion, extension, side bending and rotation.