EEPAEurope External Policy Advisors (est. 2003; Brussels, Belgium)
EEPAEducational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (journal)
EEPAEnd-to-End Performance Analysis
EEPAEscuela de Estudios Políticos y Administrativos (Spanish: School of Political and Administrative Studies; Venezuela)
EEPAÉcole Européenne des Philosophies & Psychothérapie Appliquées (French: European School of Philosophy & Applied Psychotherapy)
EEPAElectromagnetic Energy Policy Alliance
EEPAEuropean Economic and Public Affairs (University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland)
EEPAEuropean Environmental Press Award
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The EEPA said that Poland recently requested a derogation which was not accepted by the European Commission.
The choices professors make within the refereed category are at least partly attributable to organizational affiliations: EAQ is a UCEA-sponsored journal, although it requires a separate subscription, and ER, AERJ, EEPA, and RER are journals that can be chosen as part of the dues of the American Educational Research Association.
(These roles are discussed in the forthcoming EEPA final report, referred to above, and also in the EEPA discussion paper [No.
Evidence on dynamics in the developing world is scarce, but early data have been released through the cited EEPA project and are now coming out through USAID'S Gemini project.
Under the guidance and guest editorship of David Grissmer of the RAND Corporation, the summer 1999 issue of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA) devotes all 155 pages to studies of CSR.
Uma leitura mais pormenorizada da Tabela 3 permite verificar que todas as correlacoes esperadas ao nivel da validade convergente entre o fator Satisfacao das Necessidades Psicologicas Basicas na Relacao e os fatores inerentes aos instrumentos aplicados sao moderadamente significativas ([rho]s > 0,30), com excecao da correlacao entre este fator e a EEPA ([rho]s = 0,21).
EEPA demonstrated a strong, selective, and broad-spectrum antiparasitic activity against T.
[2.] EEPA. (Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency) Ethiopian Pulses Profile Product Development & Market Research Directorate, 2004.
10, the EEPA sacrifices the good users' QoE to improve the poor users' QoE (The QoE in 0-1 and 4-5 is lowest in three algorithms), the proposed algorithm also can guarantee the highest good users' QoE.
[1] EEPA (Ethiopian Enviromental Protection Authority), Guidline ambient Enviromental standard for Ethiopia, EPA and UNIDO, Addis ababa, 2003.