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Figure 2(a) is the bearing of the EEPG processing schematic.
The bearing is working, the elastic thin plate is affected by the pressure difference between the supply pressure and the gas film pressure, and thin elastic deformation is generated, thus forming an EEPG. The gas film clearance is small, with gas film pressure distribution near the supply pressure, and the pressure difference of thin plate is small, so the basic elastic thin plate is not deformed.
In this work, the EEPG of the new aerostatic bearing will change dynamically.
Elastic Equalizing Pressure Groove (EEPG) Deformation Control Equation.
Because of the existence of EEPG, the gas film clearance h can not be eliminated from the Reynolds equation, and (13) is simplified and transformed it into polar coordinates:
The EEPG generates deflection deformation in the range of [r.sub.1] < r < [r.sub.2], when 0 < r [less than or equal to] [r.sub.1] or R > r [greater than or equal to] [r.sub.2], and no elastic deformation, w = 0.
The calculation process of this paper is the coupling process of the deformation control equation and the gas lubrication governing equation of EEPG. The flow chart of gas-solid coupling is shown in Figure 4.
to solve the deformation control equation of EEPG, get the deformation of elastic thin plate after the completion of the first coupling.
The deformation curves of the EEPG and the film pressure distribution of the aerostatic bearing are obtained under different gas film clearance, as shown in Figure 6, where (i) is the elastic pressure groove coupling deformation graph and (ii) is the gas film pressure distribution.
In order to compare the performance of the aerostatic bearing with EEPG, this paper calculated the performance of aerostatic bearing with REPG in the same performance parameters.
According to the calculation results of model 1 and model 2, the numerical performance curves of the 2 kinds of aerostatic bearings can be obtained, as shown in Figure 8, where model 1 is the aerostatic bearing with EEPG and model 2 is the aerostatic bearing with REPG.
Thus, the pressure difference between the upper and the lower surfaces of the elastic thin plate is increased, and the EEPG is forced to deform outwards, the sealing ability of the EEPG decreases, and the bearing capacity decreases rapidly.