EEQExamen Européen de Qualification (French: European Qualifying Examination; European Patent Office)
EEQEnbridge Energy Management, LLC (Pittsburgh, PA)
EEQElectronic Equalizer
EEQExtended Equalizer
EEQÉvaluation Externe de la Qualité (French: External Quality Assessment)
EEQEasy EQ (Equalization; audio equipment)
EEQÉco Entreprises Québec (Canadian recycling company)
EEQEmotional Expressivity Questionnaire (psychology)
EEQEast European Quarterly
EEQEstradiol Equivalent Concentration
EEQExceptional Education Quarterly (journal)
EEQEthics Environment Questionnaire (healthcare)
EEQEarly Experience Questionnaire
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EEQ's ratings are aligned with those of its parent, EQL, under Fitch's Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria.
Sydney/Singapore: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Australia-based Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd's (EEQ) Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating and foreign-currency senior unsecured rating at 'AA'.
EEQ's rating reflects its strong linkage with its parent Energy Queensland Limited (AA/Positive).
Strong Strategic Ties: EEQ's ratings are aligned with those of its parent Energy Queensland under Fitch's Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria.
EEQ's financial needs are met by Energy Queensland, which is funded through QTC.
State Payments Support Profile: EEQ's standalone and unsupported credit profile reflects that of a pure retailer, which Fitch believes carries high business risk.
- Any weakening in EEQ's linkages with Energy Queensland
The increase in breast cancer risk was marked and sustained over all serum TEXB-[alpha] levels > 0.5 Eeq pM/mL (Figure 1A).
Although the risk for breast cancer increased progressively across all detected TEXB-[alpha] levels > 0.5 Eeq pM/mL, the association for TEXB-[beta] followed a sigmoidal trend, with a sharp increase in risk between 2 and 40 Eeq pM/mL and a downturn at higher levels.
The reference value (odds ratio = 1) was set at the 20th percentile of each fraction distribution among controls (0.54 and 2.97 Eeq pM/mL for alpha and beta fractions, respectively).
The geometric mean serum levels of TEXB-[alpha] and TEXB-[beta] were significantly higher in breast cancer cases (8.32 and 9.94 Eeq pM/mL, respectively) than in controls (2.99 and 5.96 Eeq pM/mL, respectively).
These relative proliferative effects were transformed into estradiol equivalent units by reading from a sigmoidal dose-response curve prepared with estradiol at concentrations of 0.1-1,000 pM, and they were expressed as the estradiol equivalent concentration in picomolar per milliliter of serum (Eeq pM/mL) that would produce the same cell proliferation in the bioassay (Fernandez et al.