EERIEarthquake Engineering Research Institute (Oakland, CA, USA)
EERIÉtudes Européennes et Relations Internationales (French: European Studies and International Relations)
EERIEuzen Électricité Réseaux Informatiques (French: Electricity Euzen Computer Networks)
EERIEstonian Energy Research Institute
EERIEstudos Europeus e Relações Internacionais (Portuguese: European Studies and Internacional Relations)
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[13.] EERI, Learning from Earthquakes: The Mw 7.6 Western Sumatra earthquake of September 30, 2009, 2009, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI).
July 20-26--Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center, Anchorage: This conference is comprised of the 2014 EERI (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute) Annual Meeting and the NEES (Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation) Quake Summit, as well as the 10th Anniversary of NEES, the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami, and an undergraduate seismic design competition.
[8] Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), "Chi-chi, Taiwan, earthquake of September 21, 1999, reconnaissance report," Earthquake Spectra, 2001.
This compa y, origi ally established by Coleg Meai, operates as a employme t age cy to i crease the umber of co structio a d e gi eeri g appre tices i North West Wales.
Several studies related to the definition and evaluation of earthquake damage after the recent earthquakes (EERI 2003; Bachtoula, Oussalem 2005; AFPS 2003) have argued that the damages and collapses are not due in significant deficiencies in the design code of Algeria, but had their origin in the quality of buildings.
Progress in this area has been periodically summarised in state-of-the-art reports and monographs such as that published by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) (Seed & Idriss, 1982), the proceedings of a workshop run by the US National Research Council (NRC, 1985), the US National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) (Youd et al., 2001) and a very recent monograph by Idriss & Boulanger (2010).
He is a member of ACI, (USA), IFS, (Bangkok) and EERI, (USA).
Furthermore, earthquakes not only damage wastewater systems, but also cause water pollution and environmental issues due to the direct discharge of wastewater in rivers or seas (EERI, 2010; Tang et al., 2010).