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EERIEExtreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise (Spooks BBC television show)
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I looked about in all directions for the little creature, but there was no trace of her--and my 'eerie' feeling was quite gone off, and the crickets were chirping again merrily--so I knew she was really gone.
By this time the 'eerie' feeling had come back again, and I suddenly observed that no crickets were chirping; so I felt quite sure that "Bruno was somewhere very near.
I stopped him, as he was dragging it off by the tail to show me how it was used, for I was half afraid the 'eerie' feeling might go off before we had finished the garden, and in that case I should see no more of him or Sylvie.
He was a man of almost eerie versatility in this direction.
Every night, regularly, at nine, at twelve, at three, they lifted a nocturnal song, a weird and eerie chant, in which it was Buck's delight to join.
We set forth accordingly by this itinerary; and for the best part of three nights travelled on eerie mountains and among the well-heads of wild rivers; often buried in mist, almost continually blown and rained upon, and not once cheered by any glimpse of sunshine.
Ask the first hundred citizens of Cloisterham, met at random in the streets at noon, if they believed in Ghosts, they would tell you no; but put them to choose at night between these eerie Precincts and the thoroughfare of shops, and you would find that ninety-nine declared for the longer round and the more frequented way.
Simons compared "Eerie" to Hollywood movies and series on Netflix such as "The Haunting Of Hill House" and "American Horror Story." "Viewers were petrified by the horror film so much that they even struggled to sleep in the dark, and took to Twitter to share their struggle," Simons added.
Urban explorers, who are on Instagram as @theurbexduo, took the eerie photographs inside the abandoned hospital off Westgate Road.
Eerie pictures taken inside the derelict Newcastle General Hospital
At the same time, I also need to show them that I have so much respect for them as artists,' Mikhail told reporters during a media gathering for 'Eerie,' which is now being shown in cinemas nationwide.
Will "Eerie" put another trophy on her shelf, we asked.